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Macronutrients...why you should be talking about them too.

CARBOHYDRATES, PROTEINS, FATS are macronutrients. These 3 are the BIG nutrients that your body needs to consume large amounts. These nutrients provide calories, in turn they provide the body with ENERGY.

Not every body is the same and not every body has the same activity levels or wellness goals, so not every body will need the same balance of macronutrients in their diet. Each macro has a critical roll in the body.

CARBOHYDTRATES - The primary source of energy in the body and fuel for the brain. If there isn't enough available to your body it will break down muscle tissue (proteins) and convert them into glucose. If plenty of carbs are available there is no need to break down muscle tissues. This means you can keep and build more muscle mass. Most carbs occur naturally in plant-based foods.

PROTEINS - The building blocks of the body. They are needed to grow, repair, and maintain cells, as well as hormone regulation. Fitness benefits of protein include: speeding up recovery, reducing muscle loss, and building lean muscle. Proteins also help curb hunger to help maintain a healthy weight.

FATS - Dietary fats are essential to give your body energy and support cell function. Fats protect your organs, keep cholesterol & blood pressure under control and help the body absorb nutrients and vitamins. Fats are either saturated (bad) or unsaturated (good). Avoid large amounts of saturated fats found in processed, friend and fast foods.

To better understand the macronutrient intake your body needs based on your body, your activity level, and your health goals work with a nutritionist. You will learn how to count and track your macros and what foods are best for the intake your body needs to consume.

When you are ready to learn more, ready to meet your goals and eat for longevity contact me for nutrition sessions.

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