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Nutrition Coaching

Coaching you on healthier ways to eat,

making good decisions about food,

and fueling your body for longevity.

I believe in moderation, not deprivation.

Personal Training & Nutrition go hand in hand.

Living healthy is a lifestyle; there is no magic pill.

That is why you have coaches like me to help you on the journey.

60 minute nutrition consultations include assessment of current diet and hydration, healthy eating strategies, shopping suggestions and reading nutrition labels.

Nutrition Planning

Healthy Eating Strategies

60 minute nutrition consultation and goal setting.
Assessment of current diet through food journaling; including all meals, snacks and hydration.
Recommendations & alternatives to improve overall nutrition.
Evaluation of what you currently have in your pantry & refrigerator.
Educate on nutrition labels.
Grocery staples shopping list.

Green Smoothie
Cooking Eggs

Nutrition Coaching a la cart

Look Good, Feel Good

Evaluate current food intake, while offering substitutions or healthy habits to implement.
Grocery shopping services.
Nutrition evaluation based on sports/activity level.
Meal prep lessons (in person or online).
Calorie counter lessons.
Macronutrient & micronutrient tracking.
*pricing upon request

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