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There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am that I found Brooke! I started training with Brooke in the beginning of April of this year hoping that I would pass a law enforcement physical test. I was no where near where I needed to be and I doubted I could even get there. Within less than 2 months, we have reached our goal. I began running with her and I could barely run a mile in 11 minutes, I am now at an 8 min mile pace. I’m so much stronger and my endurance is better than it has ever been. Brooke is honestly the best investment I have ever made. I am still difficult to deal with & Brooke hasn’t given up on me. As much as I complain, when I look to my side while running, there Brooke is, taking every step with me. The best decision I have ever made. I went from having terrible anxiety, feeling like I will never reach my goals, to feeling so confident!

J Diaz

I was looking for a running coach and I am so happy I found Brooke. My main goal was to run 5km in under 30 min. I had been running for years but for some reason this goal has always eluded me. Brooke quickly worked out it was my breathing patterns and mental blocks around breathing… I was afraid to push myself because I thought I would literally run out of breath which made no sense because in swimming and scuba diving I never had any panic around breathing. Her strategy worked brilliantly as she made me talk non-stop on all of our runs-to stop my old breathing patterns and increase my lung capacity and it’s worked a treat. Plus, with all of our conversations we also became really good friends.. that doesn’t mean she let me off the hook though! I was still doing sprints and drills either throughout or at the end of runs!  I’ve just moved overseas but I still kept Brooke as my coach to create weekly running/training plans and make me accountable to my running goals.
I’m so grateful I found Brooke to be my coach. She was able to pinpoint my biggest obstacle that had been holding me back from my goal for years and made me a much more efficient runner and athlete. She really listens to what I need and knows when to push, when to check in and when to motivate. I truly felt she had my back throughout all of our runs together and even though I’m overseas now, she is still consistently checking in on me and coaching me from afar! I would highly recommend her as a personal training coach, she has a ton of information and ideas and she has a great energy that keeps you motivated throughout your workout.

Steph Evangelinos

Brooke really tailors a workout to your needs and changes it to keep you working. My wife and I are very happy with the level, intensity and personalization of the workouts with Brooke. In times of COVID, these outdoor workouts are a game changer to keep the gym going without being inside. On top of that Brooke keeps everything lighthearted and fun but well motivated. I highly recommend Brooke as a trainer.

Brooke is a perfect trainer for me. I don't need (or want) a drill sergeant type of instructor yelling and "pushing" me. Her approach is energetic, fun and the workouts are structured in a way that makes you strive to finish those last sets out of pure will and determination. Even going 3 times a week, each workout is challenging and different so I'm never bored or feel like I'm repeating the same old things. Oh, and did I mention the sunrise beach workout on the weekend? Highly recommend her if you're in Broward County.


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take many of Brooke's fitness classes in a group setting during my stay in Florida.  She is exceptional.  I can't describe her with enough positive adjectives. She is always punctual to start her classes and to end her classes.  The class is well organized, no wasting time, and always a full body workout.  She is technically knowledgeable and explains all the series of exercises describing and illustrating proper form at all times.  She points out if she observes any improper form during the class to remind us how to get the most benefit from the exercise and to avoid any injuries.  The classes are always planned out from the start to the finish, no pauses, working one body part at a time combining cardio, weights, body weight among the different series.  Brooke is well versed in a large variety of classes including spin, aqua fit, and TRX.  She has an excellent disposition at all times while challenging the class and the results are great.  We are rejuvenated and feeling accomplished while we have fun.  I highly recommend that everyone try her classes and her personal training as Brooke really understands the dynamics of the body and she is always safe and most pleasant.  She is a consummate professional in fitness.  We are lucky to find such a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor.

Jumping on Box
"Brooke is an excellent teacher.  Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also attentive to the particular needs of her students.  I love going to her classes.  She is a wonderful person who makes exercising fun."

M. Cutler

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