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Got 5 minutes? Let’s burn some calories & build muscle!

5 minute AMRAP

No equipment. Just a timer set for 5 minutes. Repeat each exercise top to bottom as many rounds as possible for 5 minutes!

Repeat again or increase the time and get in more rounds.

Get in a short & sweet sweat or add to your workout as a finisher!

20 jumping jacks

10 jump squats (or reach ups on toes)

20 mountain climbers

10 walkouts (with or without push up)

20 reverse lunges

Find your modification:

Jumping jacks - side to side foot tap with the arms

Jump squats - lower into squat and raise up on toes, not leaving the ground and reach your arms to the sky

Mountain climbers - slow down the movement of pulling the knee to your chest

Walkouts - start by bending closer to the ground, walk your hands out until you hit a high plank

Reverse lunges - stabilize your body by holding on to a pole, stick, wall, chair, etc.

Have fun with it! Challenge yourself to increase the time and get in even more rounds!

Looking for more? Let's work together 1:1 or virtual personal training or continue to follow me on IG or FB @brooke.livefit

Share my blog with others who are looking to get stronger and move for longevity!

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