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Fitness is for EVERYONE!

Fitness is about caring for our health and living a long, happy life. It has no body type or size because HEALTHY looks different on everyone.

I became a personal trainer with one get people moving! I want you to embrace fitness, have fun getting fit, make new fitness friends and be a happier & healthier version of you!

I consider myself an enthusiastic expert with a lot of energy. My fun, approachable personality and coaching style makes it easy to relate to clients as well as making the fitness journey less intimidating and enjoyable. I thrive on motivating and pushing others and believe that fitness needs to be fun as well as challenging. If it is not fun, why would you want to make it part of your everyday living?

Let me motivate and inspire you with 1:1 or small group personal training sessions or outdoor fitness classes. INVEST in your HEALTH & WELLNESS!

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