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Celebrate the gift of movement.

I want to inspire, motivate and help you get moving and embrace healthy living.

As a personal trainer I believe that there is not only one way to exercise, workout or get moving. YOU have to find what YOU enjoy and find time to do it. If you don't enjoy it, you will not create the habit and stay consistent. Fitness & wellness is long term.

My advice is to try new things. You will find what you like by trying different classes, experience different gyms, and embrace outdoor activities. You will find multiple ways of moving that you like. This will make living a healthy, full life easier!

I offer 1:1 & small group personal training, high & low intensity outdoor fitness classes, paddleboard fitness classes, I lead a weekly spin class, and coach HIIT classes at a gym. This variety keeps me happy and gives my clients and fitness community many options to find the joy in fitness & wellness and get MOVING!

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