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Why do Paddleboard Fitness?

Do you love the water? Do you love working out? Do you love trying new things?

If you answered YES...join me Sunday mornings for a great workout!

Here are some benefits of working out on the paddleboard:

  • It's a low impact calorie burning workout.

  • You will improve balance & stability which we need to live a long, productive and healthy life.

  • You will strengthen your core muscles that are essential for everyday living activities.

  • It is an excellent upper & lower body workout without the weight and stress on your joints.

  • Being on the water relaxes the mind and nourishes the soul.

  • Replenish vitamin D from the sun that your body needs.

  • You will leave the class more comfortable on the paddleboard for more paddleboarding adventures!

I will teach you the basics of paddleboarding and get you comfortable on the board. The class consists of paddling, lower body toning exercise, plank work and push ups, core work targeting upper, lower & obliques, and upper body strengthening with resistance bands.

This fitness experience is challenging and fun! I guarantee you will come back for more!


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