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What feels so good when your doing it, you know you need to take the time to do it, but you don’t???


Stretching regularly keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy. And flexibility is necessary to keep the range of motion in our joints for everyday activities.

Bottom line, we need to stretch to continue moving comfortably and efficiently throughout life.

You should always incorporate dynamic stretching (active stretching) into your warm up before any workout. Also, static stretching (holding the stretch for 8-15 seconds) is necessary in the cool down or post workout.

In addition to stretching for your workouts you can incorporate yoga, Pilates or flexibility training into your week.

Starting your day with a stretching flow or basic stretches like the forward fold over is a great way to loosen up the joints and muscles and starting your day feeling good.

I recommend dynamic stretching before every workout and static stretching post every workout. If not working out, get in 5-10 minutes of stretching or mobility daily.

Stretch that body in some way everyday...your muscles & joints will thank you for it!

Benefits of stretching and improving flexibility:

Increase the range of motion in muscle and joints

Focus on the mind & muscle connection

Increase physical activity

Reduces chance of muscle imbalance

Can help regulate blood sugar levels

Can improve back pain

Supports healthy posture & balance

Can help soreness & tightness of muscles

Can improve athletic ability

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