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Want to learn more about your core muscles and how to strengthen them?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

All you need is a mat for these 3 exercises to strengthen your core muscles.

These exercises are great for women, as they focus on the pelvic floor which we need to continue strengthening as we age.

Glute bridge

Dead bug

Bird dogs

10-20 reps each, 3 rounds

When you hear trainers and coaches say "core muscles" they are referring to the muscles in the central part of the body (not just your abdominal muscles. Core exercises train these muscles in harmony; creating better balance and stability.

The muscles in this group include:

Latissimus dorsi

Internal & external obliques

Rectus abdominis

Transverse abdominis

Hip flexors

Pelvic floor

Gluteus maximus

Gluteus minimus

Common terms- lats, abs, hips, glutes

For more exercises to focus on training your core subscribe to my blog. Serious about getting stronger I can help you. Message me for more information.

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