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Ready to start exercising and committing to a fitness routine? But don’t know where to start????

We all know we need to exercise and have a fitness routine to keep us strong and healthy. We talk about it, we know it’s time, but we just don’t know how and where to start.

Well, let me tell you…IT IS TIME! We are not getting any younger, there is no magic pill being created and exercise is imperative to living a long, healthy, and happy life. Now that you have no doubt that IT IS TIME and you are committed to your fitness and wellness, read on for tips and best practices to get started!

#1 – Set your GOALS. Know why you are starting your exercise journey. SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely) goals help you create realistic goals that can be achieved and can be adjusted to ensure you meet your goals. Set goals for you. Set goals not solely for aesthetics, they will come once you are exercising and eating properly for your goals. Think short term and long term.

#2 – Be HONEST with yourself. Don’t over commit to the amount of time you realistically can dedicate to working out. Be honest and realistic with your goals; if you are just beginning don’t assume that you will be running a full marathon in 2 months or you will see results after 2 weeks in the gym. Don’t set yourself up for any disappointments that will cause you to second guess your decision to start exercising.

#3 – SCHEDULE your workouts. Once you have determined how many days per week you can dedicate to working out (and how much time per session) add it to your calendar. Whether your calendar is old-school paper (like mine) or digital add in your workouts every week. Just like you would for doctor appointments, meetings, classes, etc. to ensure you don’t double book and it’s planned.

#4 – Find a workout BUDDY to hold you accountable. Not only will your workout partner keep you accountable, but your workouts will also be more fun if you have someone to join you on this journey. Whether your buddy is just starting or has been a fitness fanatic you will motivate and inspire each other along the way. And you can try new things together.

#5 – Know what MOTIVATES YOU. Are you self-motivated or do you need that extra motivation? If you need that motivation (which a lot of people do, so you’re not alone) you should invest in a Certified Personal Trainer. Think of a CPT as an investment in your wellness (cut back on Starbucks 5 days a week & invest in something you need). Not only will a CPT motivate you, but they will also inspire you and hold you accountable. A CPT will create a workout program based on your goals and the program will progress you in the correct way, so you don’t have any injuries or setbacks. Make sure you are working with a personal trainer who is certified (ask for credentials), not just a fit-influencer who likes to work out.

#6 – Find what you ENJOY. Some people love to run, some workout only outdoors, some can spend an hour every day in the gym, some get their exercise from classes only and some like virtual workouts. Everyone is motivated in different ways and has different goals they are working towards. Know those goals, try different types of classes and workout experiences, and stick to what you enjoy. The more you enjoy it the more likely you are to stick with it and make it part of your lifestyle.

#7 – COMMIT to 6 weeks minimum to see results. Don’t give up before 6 weeks, depending on your workout program, your nutrition habits and your body, results typically don’t start to be noticeable before 6-8 weeks. Be patient, stick to it and it will happen.

#8 – Make it FUN! If it’s not fun, why are you going to want to do it? Exercise should not be a chore or something “you have to do” but an enjoyable experience that gets those endorphins pumping, improves your mental wellbeing and you make part of everyday life.

Once you start, treat yourself to a new workout outfit, a new water bottle, a new mat or whatever makes you happy to reward yourself for beginning your adventure to getting fit and living well!

*As a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist I can help you get started and stick to your workout plan to meet your goals. I offer on-line and in-person 1:1 and small group training. Reach out to me or complete the Training Application on my website to get started.

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