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Looking for a "magic pill" to help you loose weight?

Sorry, no magic pill. Wanna know what you need?

Caloric Deficit- consuming less calories than you expend through exercise.

Clients ask me all the time about fad diets & trendy workouts, I don’t promote them for myself or anyone else.

I believe in the basics:

Eat clean. Eat fresh. Eat healthy.

Exercise regularly & consistently.

Portion control when eating or snacking.

Consume less added sugars.

Drink more than the average recommended water intake.

Be conscious of your sodium levels, only add salt to bring out the flavors while cooking.

Eat the rainbow - more colorful foods means more vitamins & nutrients.

So, bottom line...EXERCISE.

Move more daily than you consume.

Embrace exercise, find what you like, find someone to help you, be consistent!

It’s proven to work. It’s not old-fashioned. It’s logical. It’s healthy.

Need help with your diet and your food intake?

Need help getting your regular exercise and exercising consistently?

I’m here to help solve any problems you are having!

Subscribe to my website for more healthy living strategies.

Get in touch to see how I can help you with your weight loss.

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