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Let’s WALK!

As much as I’d love to run everyday I can’t. So I am embracing a good walk workout into my weekly schedule.

Today I walked 3 miles and added some bodyweight exercises into the workout. Think about increasing the intensity on your walks to burn more calories, improve your cardiovascular endurance and build strength.

A few things to add into your walks for a tougher workout:

✔️Incline - bridge, hill, ramp, etc

✔️Incorporate stairs

✔️Step downs or step ups - wall, bench, step, etc

✔️Bulgarian split squat - wall, bench, step,    etc

✔️Walking lunges or squats

✔️Push ups, mountain climbers, triceps dips to incorporate the upper body

✔️Beach walk or other terrain to add resistance

I also did a little shell hunting and trash pick up along the way to keep our beaches clean.  So grab your sunblock and water, lace up those sneakers and enjoy your walks.

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