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I LOVE to run!

Running is my favorite form of exercise, favorite way to get moving, favorite way to clear my head. For me it is the best form of physical and mental therapy.

I tell people that I am like Forest Gump when I run - I can just take off and run until I don't want to run anymore. I am a minimalist when I run - I do not run with music or hydration, just my iWatch to track my stats (and in case of emergency).

I just completed my 6th half marathon and ran my personal best. My goal was to finish under 2 hours and I killed it at 1:56:58! I love meeting and smashing goals, I love the feeling of accomplishment and how strong running makes me feel.

I don't run to loose weight or change my body. I run because I absolutely enjoy how it makes me feel. There are better forms of exercise if your goals are to loose weight (strength training is my #1 recommendation) and please know that cardio only is not a good plan for weight loss. A balanced fitness program, proper nutrition, healthy sleep habits and hydration are key to healthy living.

I am happy to share my love of running and encourage you to lace up a good pair of running sneakers and start the journey with me. I have several training options and programs for run training. Get in touch if you want to run farther, faster and more efficient!

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