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High protein (and economical) foods to always have in your kitchen.

These are economical and easy high protein foods options to load your pantry. And we all know that protein is an essential part of our diet; our bodies need 20-30% of calories coming from protein. Women, as we mature, we need even more. So stock up on easy and healthy options to have on hand and include in every meal.

Nuts - you can eat them alone, top your oatmeal & salads

Nut butters - sandwiches, add to smoothies & yogart bowls

Cannelini beans - cheap pantry staple, add to soups & pasta, make a dip or spread

Pumpkin seeds - great snack, sprinkle on your salads

Lentils - inexpensive, multi-use, meat alternative

Pasta - yep, pasta is an underrated source of protein!

Plant-based milks - so many options & so many uses

Oats - inexpensive, filing

Quinoa - grain replacement, make a big portion for meal prepping

Canned tuna - easy & cost efficent, make a sandwich for lunch, add to your salads

Chia seeds - add too smoothies, top off your yogart, make chia pudding

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