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Eating healthy made easy - save time & save money.

I don't necessarily enjoy meal prepping but the benefits and savings are ideal. So keep doing it If you are already doing it or break it down into smaller chunks like I do.

Meal prepping saves time, money and energy. It eliminates the brain energy trying to figure out what to make. It saves time when building healthy meals throughout the week, especially on a time crunch. You save money because you are buying larger quantities and using it with different recipes.

So what I do to save time and save money is prepare a large serving of rice, quinoa, couscous, barley, bulgar or pasta. I use that for bowls, for a little substance on a big salad or a side dish with veggies.

It's easy to assemble a bowl or big salad with veggies, protein and carbs in your fridge. And get creative!

The other thing I do is cut up my vegetables and store in containers. I always wash & pre-cut my lettuce, my peppers, carrots and celery.

You can pre-cut onions, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans or whatever you choose.

This saves time and saves money because you can buy a bigger quantity and helps to use it all before it goes to waste. Having the veggies prepped "forces" your hand to add more veggies to all of your meals - sandwiches, wraps, eggs, smoothies, salads, bowls, etc.

Money saving tips for buying veggies:

Buy larger quantities - you'll eat more veggies & get more bang for your buck.

Buy lettuce by the head, a few varieties that can be mixed together instead of buying bagged lettuce.

Find a smaller, local grocery store, produce market, farm stand, farmers market where veggies are a little less expensive. Buying from these sources also ensures the produce is fresher and will last in your fridge longer.

Eat seasonal - these items are in high abundance and have a shelf life so are likely not to be overpriced.

Check out my salmon bowl I made with leftover salmon, brown rice I prepared for the week and lots of veggies (cabbage, orange peppers, cucumbers, grape tomatoes & lettuce mix). I like my plate to be full of color so I always have yellow, orange & red peppers in my fridge.

Filling, economical & yummy!

Want more nutrition tips, recipe ideas and fitness tips subscribe to my website. Need more than coaching? Personal training and nutrition coaching available in person and online.

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