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Are you a snacker?

If you are among the population of snackers, you are not alone. Don’t feel bad, don’t punish yourself just find healthy snacking alternatives!

If you’re a salty snacker try these options:


Celery sticks with nut butter


Mixed nuts

Carrot sticks

Cucumber slices

Pepper slices with hummus

Baked kale chips

Sweet potato tortilla chips with salsa

Veggie crisp chips

Pickled cauliflower

Popcorn with parmesan cheese


If you’re a sweet snacker try these options:

Frozen grapes

Frozen blueberries

Watermelon popsicles

Dark chocolate covered fruit

Dark chocolate covered nuts

Fresh pineapple chunks

Medjol dates

Apples with nut butter

Yogart with granola

Baked apple chips

Open faced peanut butter sandwich

Dried fruits

Chia pudding

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with occasional snacking but I recommend eating 4-5 meals per day to curb your snacking if you feel like it’s becoming a problem.

Any other healthy snacks to share with the community? Message me & I’ll share with a shout out!

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