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All you need is 1 dumbbell to work your shoulders & arms!

Grab a mat and dumbbell for 3 exercises focusing on your shoulders, arms and core.

Pick a weight that you can complete 3 rounds and 8-10 reps with effort.

1/2 kneel 1A overhead press -

Weight should be in opposite hand of forward knee. Press weight straight over head, keeping palm facing in & arm stops when next to ear.

Right arm - 10 reps, Left arm - 10 reps

Triple Crush -

Hold dumbbell with both hands, dumbbell held low in front. Curl dumbbell up, press dumbbell straight overhead, drop dumbbell behind.

Three part move focusing on bicep curl, shoulder press, triceps extension.

(exercise can be done kneeling or standing)

Forward Raise -

Holding the dumbbell with one hand held low in front of the body. Raise the dumbbell up to shoulder height, pause, lower slowly.

(exercise can be done kneeling or standing)

Proper form tips:

Tall posture

Shoulders relaxed

Abdominals contracted (picture "zipping up" your abs - bringing your navel up and toward your spine)

Don't let your back arch

When kneeling make sure your knees are under your hips, not together

Complete 3 rounds, 8-12 reps each.

Add this tri-set to your upper body day or your push day.

Here are some links on Amazon for dumbbells. It's great to have a set at home with you!

Want more help with exercises, proper form or how to program a balanced workout? I'm here for you! Subscribe to my blog for more fitness and nutrition tips.

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