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Virtual Fitness Classes

Summer Sizzle

As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I want to give you workouts you can do with me where ever you are.  The classes I create are efficient, effective and are designed to keep you engaged and safe. 

Class packages are available. Three classes per week.

1 month - $35, 3 month - $100

With the packages you will have access to three classes per week, some live & some pre-recorded, as well as access to the workouts to do whenever you want.

Purchase 3 month package and get a 15 minute weekly wellness check in with me.

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Abs & Booty

Practicing Yoga


Core Exercise

CORE Strength

Look Good, Feel Good

20 minutes focusing on your abs, core and lower body. Build strength and sculpt your favorite assets. No-impact workout.
You will need is an exercise mat, mini exercise bands and weights.


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Build Strength

30 minute class focusing on sculpting your body through strength training, high repetitions and proper form. Targeting the body parts all women are concerned with and the major muscle groups to help you burn calories. You will need an exercise mat and weights.

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Strength & Longevity

15 minute class focusing on core strength. Ab, glute and trunk strengthening exercise utilizing bodyweight and dumbbells. No-impact workout. You will need an exercise mat and weights. 

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